Associated Builders and Contractors today has issued an online Safety Technology Guide, a resource for contractors looking to implement construction technology for the best possible safety performance.

“Executing on ABC’s commitment to world-class safety on jobsites requires ABC member contractors to continuously innovate,” said Matt Abeles, ABC vice president of construction technology and innovation. “To keep contractors on the pulse of technology, ABC provides its members numerous resources like this guide to help them not only build the workforce of the future, but also ensure that they achieve optimal safety through the STEP Safety Management System, a world-class safety program founded more than 30 years ago that dramatically improves safety performance among construction industry participants.”

The Safety Tech Guide details how to identify, choose and implement technology to achieve a safer and more efficient jobsite. Best practices include:

  • Start small, testing technology on one or two projects before rolling it out across all jobs.
  • Assign a technology champion who is responsible for successfully implementing the technology.
  • Understand technology must be a priority.
  • Celebrate small wins and recognizing success on any scale when innovating.
  • Strategize a rollout to meet end users where they are.
  • Identify necessary training for any technology and how that will be completed.
  • Create opportunities for employees to connect with one another to strengthen a more inclusive culture, improve safety and raise efficiency with technology.

“To be a leader in the industry, contractors must be willing to innovate to deliver work and ensure our workforce gets home safely every single day,” said Abeles. “These tools provide leaders with a roadmap to understand how technology and innovation can help them be safer and more efficient, by giving insights, use cases, alignment with STEP and other options. This all-in effort ties safety best practices to business best practices and is based on a vetted group of technologies approved by ABC’s Safety Technology Subcommittee.”

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