In this personal, heartfelt Ask Annissa episode, Annissa Coy talks about evacuating her home in the face of the Ford Corkscrew Fire. “I’ve never felt so vulnerable in my life,” Coy said. An experienced fire damage restoration and contents cleaning professional, Coy has worked with property owners through many wildfires and more home fires than she can count. This was the first time Coy and her family were personally impacted. “This is a perspective I never thought that I would have, but I am now grateful that I do because I’m going to use it to serve my community even better and in a bigger way.”

This video captures the emotional and mental stress that come with disasters, and the important role the restoration industry plays in not only restoring property, but earning the trust of the people affected by loss. Coy discusses fear, lack of control, danger and other emotions she faced. Through the process of evacuating, Coy said she gained a whole new level of passion for training and education, especially as it relates to fire victims and contents cleaning.