The Five Star Restorer Podcast, an audio version of the restoration industry’s first analysis of over 1,000 negative online reviews, launched August 4 on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and other podcast apps.

“We conducted this study to deeply understand the common mistakes restoration companies make,” said Leighton Healey, chief executive officer of KnowHow, “but boy oh boy did we get more than we bargained for.”

Featuring insights and stories from an analysis of bad reviews of restoration businesses across all 50 US States, the Five Star Restorer Podcast takes the lessons learned from the book Delivering 5-Star Restoration Experiences and makes it available to even more professionals eager to grow their restoration business.

Over the course of the eight episodes of the podcast, listeners will discover:

  • The number-one cause of bad reviews in the restoration industry
  • Crazy stories about public drunkenness, theft, and even accusations of marital infidelity
  • Clear, tangible ways they can eliminate poor workmanship, delays, bad customer service, communication breakdowns and more
  • Expert advice from: Mark Springer, President of the Restoration Industry Association; Dan Cassara, CEO of CORE Group; Chuck Violand, Principal at Violand Management; Phil Rosebrook, Partner at Business Mentors 

“Almost every restoration company we’ve met has ‘five-star’ players in their organization, and the hard part is getting their expertise into the hands of the rest of the team,” said Healey. “We hope this podcast will help companies highlight and target the one-star areas of their business they need to address so they can deliver true five-star experiences to customers across the United States.”

KnowHow is a software tool that helps restoration companies eliminate process, project and workmanship inconsistencies across their workforce, and give their management teams back the 50% of their time.