The Experience Conference & Exhibition is full-steam ahead, happening April 19-21 in Charleston, SC. It will be held at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Charleston Airport Hotel & Convention Center, making travel in and out simple and convenient for attendees and exhibitors. This year’s spring conference will be the first Experience event in 18 months, as things came to a halt due to the pandemic. That means show organizer Larry Cooper and the rest of his team are working non-stop to deliver a show that exceeds expectations, both in education and safety.



Safety is top-of-mind for Cooper and his team. Health screenings will be a large part of the show, and masks will be required, but it doesn’t stop there. There will be innovations in restoration technology being used at the show to help keep spaces safe. There will also be social distancing both on the trade show floor and within the classrooms, meaning the show itself will occupy a great deal of square-footage within the convention center. “There is no one more concerned about COVID-19 than we are, I just want everyone to know that,” Cooper said. “We have been following the CDC measures and working with a variety of organizations to come up with safety protocols.” Perhaps one of the more interesting features The Experience will be using in regards to safety is colored wristbands. This will help everyone there understand and know the comfort level of those around them. For example:

Red wristband: Let’s social distance, and stay six feet apart. I’m very cautious.

Yellow wristband: I want to network, but also use a degree of caution! For example, I’m open to an elbow-bump!

Green wristband: I’m here and I’m comfortable engaging as we have in the past! Be on the lookout for even more safety measures in place by the time the show happens!



This show will have just as much solid educational content as Experience shows in the past! Not only will there be keynotes and classroom lessons, there is also the hands-on training you’ve come to know and appreciate from The Experience. Many of this year’s breakout offerings include disinfection and cleaning training, and other COVID-related topics. The exhibit hall is open on Monday from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., Tuesday from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m., and Wednesday from Noon to 3 p.m., with education surrounding those hours. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the tracks related to restoration contractors, specifically:


Monday, April 19

KEYNOTE: Parabellum Microbe: Prepare for Microbial Warfare | Jeff Jones, Certified Bio-Forensic Restoration Specialist® and the Director of Forensic Operations for the Global Biorisk Advisory Council, and Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner, Certified Bio-Forensic Restoration Specialist®

Emerging Pathogens and The Cleaning & Restoration Industry | Eugene C. Cole, DrPH, LRC Indoor Testing & Research

Discover “What’s Working Now” in Online Lead Generation So You’ll Never Have to Worry About Where Your Next Customer Will Come From | Sonny Ahuja, KiLLit OnLine, Inc.

You (and Your Company) A System Isn’t a System Unless… | Brian Clark, President and CEO of Service Team of Professionals

Surviving and Thriving with Biohazard Risks | David Dybdahl, ARMR Network

The 5 Keys to Patterning Success in Your Business & Personal Life | AC Lockyer, Softwash Systems

When You Really Look at What We Do in the Water Restoration Industry, We Are Simply Professional Evaporators | Chuck Dewald III, Dewald Academy of Drying

The Secret to Record Sales and Profits | Howard Partridge, Phenomenal Products

NEW Light Energy Pulse Technology, Native Sun Group (NSG) | Dr. DL Mitchell.


Tuesday, April 20

GENERAL SESSION: What happened During the Pandemic? Lessons from COVID-19 | R&R Magazine Panel Discussion

Plugging the Holes in Your Business Bucket and Thriving During Any Situation | Howard Shore, Activate Group

IOT Tools for Water Restoration – Save Time and Money, Eliminate Mistakes | Erin Hynum, MBA, Phoenix

Vision: Safety in 2021 - Keep safety in mind, it will save your behind | Rachel Adams, Aramsco

Sticky Relationships - Who’s YOUR Restoration Family? | Ryan McLaughlin, Belfor Franchise Group

How To Make The Right Decisions About Disinfectant Delivery Systems | Clay Hernandez, National Director of Training and Technical Sales for Artemis Bio-Solutions

Moving from Laborer to Owner of your own Company | Les Cunningham, Business Networks There are also pre- and post-event training opportunities for those arriving in Charleston early, or staying late. This include NORMI’s full-day training to become a Certified Sanitizing Professional on Sunday, April 18!


Wednesday, April 21

How IAQ is Impacted by Building Sciences | Doug Hoffman, NORMI

How Do You Handle Safety in Your Company? | David Hodge, Reets Drying Academy

Adapting to the “New Normal:” Methods of Airborne Virus Detection for Cleaning Industry Professionals | Rachel Reboulet, Inspirotec Inc.

What is Clean in a “New Normal” Age of COVID? How to Distinguish Yourself as a Professional and Not Just a Juice Peddler | Howard Wolf

Drilling Down on Drywall | Chuck Boutall, Air Quality Specialist


When Human Connection meets Technology | Scott Severe, Chief Customer Officer, Next Gear Solutions


A big question on everyone’s mind is how will networking events work amidst a pandemic. Once again, Cooper and his team have ironed out all the details, and there will be an industry reception Monday evening right at the Embassy Suites, hosted by STOP’s Brian Clark! Those staying on site will be treated to free drinks and snacks, as well as a great environment for networking with industry peers. There will be another chance to network right on the show floor on Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., including more food and drinks and live entertainment! You can find the full agenda and registration information on The R&R team is looking forward to seeing you in Charleston soon!