VIKAND is a health and medical expert partner to the maritime industry for over a decade. Its innovative mindset and client focus reflect the name which means “we can/we know” in Swedish.
Recognized as a household name for several decades, HEPA filters have a well-earned reputation as an effective air filtration medium. The full name of this WW2 invention stands for “High-Efficiency Particulate Air.” However, today’s onboard environments and norms put added requirements which HEPA cannot address.
While HEPA filters are 99.9 percent effective at removing particles larger than 300nm and can capture some smaller particles and viral saturated droplets at lower efficiencies, free floating airborne viruses, like the Wuhan Novel Coronavirus, measure only ~125nm in diameter, and can penetrate a HEPA filter, linger in the air as an aerosol, or bypass a HEPA filter's media as can smoke, mold toxins and odors.
Air filtration also does not address the fact that many contaminants appear out of reach of cleaning crews on surfaces and in the air.
Compounding the shortcomings is the significant pressure drop caused by HEPA filtration when inserted into conventional HVAC systems (which are designed for use with higher flow filters). This limits the system's air flow and cooling capacity. It can only be overcome by a substantial increase in power to compensate. On the other hand, Hygensea’s hydroxyl generators are cost-effective, and complement physical air filters and the ongoing and commendable efforts of cleaning and decontamination crews. It enhances their efforts by ensuring 99.999 percent rapid elimination of all pathogens, including those suspended in the air and hiding on any hard-to-reach surfaces such as corners, gaps and even fabrics.
The safe technology works on the molecular level by producing Hydroxyls to duplicate and amplify Nature’s process for cleaning and purifying our atmosphere. The solution proactively and continuously removes viruses, bacteria, mold, odors, and fumes on surfaces and in the air using a patented and FDA approved* technology. Hygensea ODOROX® leaves no chemical residue and easily integrates or inserts into new or existing HVAC systems with no impact to air flow. It is customizable for any size vessel and offers the only proven technology for creating fresh air for the interior with continuous cleaning, sanitation, and automatic monitoring to ensure optimal cleaning levels.
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