Zeppelin LLC is very proud to announce the AIRWALL Rx. The AIRWALL Rx is a reimagining of our AIRWALL Rx in response to the emergence of SARS-CoV-2. We recognized early on that if this virus was truly airborne, then our ability to adapt any standard room into a negative air space, as required by the restoration industry for mold, lead and asbestos remediation, could significantly change and dramatically improve our nations’ and the worlds’ response to this pandemic. By using the existing reservoir of HEPA filtration units available for rent, we could focus solely on producing this life saving device and rely on the personnel in the restoration industry to deploy and service this equipment. 

Since the emergence of this virus, the medical and scientific communities have begun to agree that this is primarily an airborne infection that needs to be controlled by the widespread application of negative air pressure containment, or physical isolation at the very least. AIIR’s, as applied in the hospital setting, are the ideal but they are limited in number. What’s more, is that most people diagnosed with the disease do not require hospitalization but that doesn’t make them less contagious. In a multi-unit setting such as a nursing home or in a multi-generational residential setting, a single infected individual often becomes a vector for the disease and a danger to the other residents.

Our product makes it possible to safely house a COVID 19 patient with other people, outside of a hospital setting. It further avoids the improvised tent city or “big top” quarantine center, hotel, motel or RV. These options, along with the construction of a temporary AIIR out of plastic sheeting and tape, are all valid but come with varied limitations. Our product gives health care providers and governments the ability to adapt any room, without permanent or time consuming and expensive building alterations, into an AIIR. Our solution is very patient and caregiver focussed.  We included self sealing ports which allow objects to be passed through the wall without compromising containment. We also incorporated windows that allow for visual well checks. Our product further ensures that whatever air is being pulled into the patient room is as clean as possible by incorporating two disposable 8x16 MERV 13 air filters. These filters are capable of supplying all of the replacement air needed to maintain a safe environment and they ensure that a patient, dealing with a disease that affects the lungs, is not also dealing with mold, pet dander or other allergens and irritants.  

Zeppelin LLC is ready to partner with industry, government, and the medical and scientific communities to take on this global pandemic. We are committed to helping to save lives and we are eager to help to restart this global economy. We want to be a part of the world getting back to something that resembles life as we knew it.