Remodeling, restoration, and remediation projects don’t stop during the pandemic. Contractors and mold removal specialists are essential workers. Remediation and restoration projects cannot wait for the pandemic to end.

Safety and sanitation are always of the utmost importance, particularly when it comes to mold removal or any type of remodeling project. However, safety and sanitation may take different forms right now, and they are very much on the minds of clients and homeowners.

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That’s why it’s important to ensure every aspect of your project is safe, and this starts when your team clears out a room or building before the real work begins. From the pack-out to what would be the final handshake, it’s up to you to guarantee a safe environment for your team members and clients. This includes placing the items that need to get out of the way in a clean storage unit.

Companies like UNITS Moving and Portable Storage are putting a major emphasis on how they protect the health and safety of their customers in several areas. This, in turn, helps you and your clients stay safe on the job.

New Cleaning and Disinfection Methods

As scientists continue to learn more about the novel coronavirus, they are discovering its ability to live on surfaces for several hours, if not days. Cleaning and disinfecting the containers has become a top priority for UNITS Moving and Portable Storage franchise owners, and they are using some interesting methods to keep their containers clean.

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UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Nashville owner Rick Thomson is using a product called Bioesque Botanical Disinfection. It is non-toxic and bleach-free but kills the novel coronavirus quickly and only needs four minutes of wet time. The quick-drying agent is critical for companies hoping to get the containers for use on renovation and remediation jobs without having to worry whether or not the cleaning agent will soak through boxes.

“We’ve been really happy with the results of this disinfectant, not only because it’s environmentally safe and free of bleach, but because of the fast dry time,” Thomson said.

On the West Coast, the team at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Corona, California, is using Benefect Botanical Disinfectant. Benefect has been reviewed for safety, efficacy, and environmental impact by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). One of the major benefits of its botanical ingredients is that it doesn’t require any rinsing or wiping after use.

“In our business, saving time by not having to rinse or wipe away the disinfectant we use is a major benefit,” manager Michelle Ratliff said. “We can use it quickly in the containers to make sure they are safe and coronavirus-free, then get them out for use.”


Contactless Service

Right now, many people are concerned about the safety of having workers come into our homes and offices. The idea of moving someone else’s belongings out of their home or office to make room for remodeling projects does not have to cause any extra stress. When you work with a portable storage company like UNITS, social distancing comes easily. UNITS offers contactless service, so you can focus on the work you’re doing and not have to worry about anything else.

The first step in arranging to have a UNITS storage container come to you is to pick up your phone. You can schedule service with a call, where you will receive a free, no-obligation quote. Once you decide to sign up, you can sign your paperwork online with an electronic signature.

The next step is to let us know where you want the storage unit located and schedule the delivery. You do not need to be present when a UNITS driver delivers a storage container, and no contact is necessary. UNITS can leave it there for storage, pick it up and store it in a warehouse, or move it to another location for you. The entire process is scheduled at your convenience and can be done without contact.


The Pack-Out

As you unload the contents of the room or building under renovation or remediation, be mindful of how you pack. This may go without saying, but now is not the time to visit the emergency room. Use bubble wrap and packing paper freely to make sure everything that’s fragile stays protected. This will prevent any possible cuts — and cries — down the road.

Every new packing project requires new boxes, especially right now. The COVID-19 virus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours, so it’s best to purchase new moving boxes for every pack-out. Order new boxes online, as this will give you the opportunity to collect varying sizes that fit specific items.

By using boxes specifically designed for particular objects (like lamps and paintings), you will have an easier time packing the items in a storage container. This will maximize the space and make it easier to load and unload. Load heavy boxes and furniture on the bottom and try to create a path. This will make it easier to retrieve an item without needing to unload the entire contents of the container.

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Strong Partnerships

To develop trust and build strong relationships with your clients, you need to have solid business partnerships as well. When you work with the local UNITS Moving and Portable Storage in your area, you are guaranteed to have a clean and secure storage space to offer your clients. This will make your job easier, and it will help your clients remain at ease knowing their belongings are safe. You can also rest easy knowing every step of putting your clients’ belongings in storage — from the pack-out to the return — is healthy and sanitary.