American Technologies, Inc. (ATI), the nation’s largest family-owned restoration company, designed a Go Back Safely℠ program to assist companies as they prepare to renter their facilities.

The comprehensive guide covers multiple topics, including things to consider before reoccupying a facility after an extended closure, such as water or vector intrusion and HVAC maintenance. It also discusses the benefits of scheduled periodic disinfection to maintain a healthy office environment, explaining various methodologies including fogging, UV light and electrostatic sprayers.

The manual provides building owners, managers and operators who choose to perform their own pre-return assessments and tasks with a convenient checklist of considerations. Subjects examined include policy creation, employee risk assessments, transmission control, redundancies and more.

“As we began this planning process for our own offices, we realized that our clients would gain value from our learnings,” stated ATI President Jeff Moore. “We decided to expand upon what started as our internal process in creating a Standard of Operation procedure for our employees to go back to work safely, into a document that we could share with our clients so they wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel.”

The complete guide can be downloaded at