When it comes to jobsite efficiency, contractors know having the right tool for the right application makes all the difference—and saving time means saving money. Now, a simple new tool for the toolbox can help pros do both: T-Rex® Brute Force™, a ferociously strong high-performance duct tape.

Traditionally, ropes or chains have been the only option for contractors and installers when they encounter jobsite tasks that require intense strength and durability. But one 36-inch loop of new T-Rex® Brute Force™ holds more than 700 pounds of weight and offers superior adhesion, so you can quickly secure, fasten and hold loads that no other tape would dare attempt.

The high-bond, double-thick adhesive, allows the tape to stick to rougher, dirtier surfaces and offers a durable waterproof backing suitable for all-weather performance. Brute Force™ represents the next generation of high-performance duct tapes with patent-pending Forge-Link™ Technology.“

The unmatched holding power and strength of T-Rex® Brute Force™ fundamentally changes what you can do with a duct tape. Where regular duct tape is good for regular fixes, Brute Force™ is truly an engineering solution,” says Stephen Wagner, product marketer, ShurTech Brands, LLC, the manufacturer of T-Rex® brand. “The unique technology of Brute Force™ forges the way for the next generation of high-performance tapes.”

T-Rex® Brute Force™ is sold in 25-yard rolls and is available at national mass and hardware retailers. For more information, visit T-RexTape.com.