CANTON, OH., March 09, 2020 -- Phoenix Solutions, a leading provider of technology-enabled solutions for commercial property insurance claims and incident management, officially announced today its blockchain solution "Feather." Phoenix is the first to bring a blockchain solution to the market in the industry they serve and successfully integrate it into their two SaaS Platforms, "PHX Restore" and "Daily Sheets."

Feather brings the promise of delivering a more efficient, trusted, and transparent property claims experience while working off its Private Blockchain Network with Smart Contracts built around the end client, insured/uninsured, insurance carriers, and the contractors to protect every party involved throughout.

With over 617.96 billion in written premiums in 2018, processing claims still to this day requires a significant amount of manual entry by multiple parties or different segments not working in tandem, leaving an unreasonable amount of room for fraudulent activity and human error.

“By automating the current operational framework, Feather will provide an immutable way to ensure customer satisfaction, reduce fraud and increase margins for all parties by giving them actionable aggregated information. Feather can revolutionize processes by making separate systems interoperable.“ says Raymond Bertka Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder of Phoenix.

Phoenix will begin previewing the Feather blockchain platform to existing clients at the upcoming 2020 International Restoration Convention + Industry Expo in April.

President and Chief Operations Officer for Disaster Kleenup International (DKI) Matt Wright said “Our customers are extremely excited for the transparency, reliability, and opportunity that Feather will bring them. We’re happy to be leading them to a more secure and promising future.”

About Phoenix

Phoenix is a rising star in the commercial property restoration and mitigation industry. Located in Canton, Ohio, Its software is utilized by 600 contractor locations and growing, and serves as the technology backbone for the DKI Commercial Solutions. Phoenix’s primary goal is to make this industry and its users more efficient through its technology products PHX Restore Job Management Platform and Daily Sheets.