At its 2019 international convention, PuroClean announced its companywide implementation of Xactware’s Restoration ManagerTM solution. Across the United States and Canada, the PuroClean Network will now have access to the Restoration Manager enhanced suite of third-party administrator (TPA) compliance and project-planning tools. Xactware is a Verisk (Nasdaq:VRSK) business.

Restoration Manager is a job management application that helps restoration professionals coordinate tasks and streamline work. PuroClean executives are excited about the many new features in Restoration Manager. Among the most significant are Google Maps functionality and two-way integration with Xactimate®.

“Our goal is to provide world-class service to our local and national accounts alike,” said Steve White, PuroClean president and COO. “I’m happy to say that our adoption of Restoration Manager and its transparent, companywide project portal represents absolute progress toward that goal and assists us in further providing relentless customer service.”

Bud Summers, PuroClean executive vice president of operations and training, said that Restoration Manager will vastly improve the services that PuroClean offices provide to their customers. “The implementation of the Restoration Manager software is a great step forward for us. It will increase our franchises’ efficiency in the office and in the field.”

PuroClean’s network spans more than 280 franchises throughout the United States and Canada. Using Restoration Manager, these franchises will now have a more efficient system for documenting, tracking, managing, and improving both TPA and non-TPA jobs.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to support PuroClean,” said Xactware’s president, Mike Fulton. “It’s a company dedicated to providing a high level of customer service, and we hope to continue to be a part of PuroClean’s success for many years to come.”

Since 2001, PuroClean has become one of the fastest-growing restoration franchise companies in North America. Each year, PuroClean performs thousands of jobs, providing restoration services from common household mishaps to large-scale disasters.