Cortec announced that its product, MCI 2020, is being used to treat the steel and concrete of Krk Bridge, a reinforced concrete arch bridge connecting the Croatian island of Krk to the mainland and carrying over a million vehicles per year. Investigators discovered that salt accumulates on the surface of the reinforced concrete structure and chlorides penetrate through the protective layer of concrete to attack the reinforcement because of strong winds at the site.

Repairs are continuously carried out in several phases during a 30-year timeframe.

Preservation Project

Cortec said in a statement that several stages are predicted for the project. Field investigation of the current status and the preservation project design was done by IGH, Institute for Civil Engineering in Zagreb. According to the results of the exploratory works, the concrete is mainly contaminated to the depth of the main reinforcement, so the existing concrete is removed to this depth. After the removal of contaminated concrete layer the cleaned concrete surface is treated with corrosion inhibitor from Cortec which is designed to migrate through concrete structures and seek out the steel reinforcement bars in concrete.

A detailed visual inspection of the condition of concrete and reinforcement are performed first, and cracks are determined as well as reinforcement. The determined errors are eliminated by removing the concrete and cleaning the rebar. If the corrosion already started, MCI 2020 is applied. Before applying the mortar, the surface must be well moistened to be saturated with water and excess water from the surface must be removed.

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