ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46)- A CBS46 investigation uncovered a complete and total lack of regulation for crime scene clean-up companies in Georgia.

Three years ago, CBS46 exposed one business taking light-hearted photographs on the job with people’s personal belongings. In essence; re-victimizing the victims.

Gordy Powell runs a bio clean-up company called Georgia Clean and has been pushing for changes at the state capitol.

“Sadly, there have been instances where a cleaning company goes in and they raffle through the personal belongings, jewelry goes missing, a personal identity has been taken,” Powell said.  

State lawmakers took action this legislative session by passing a bill in both the House and Senate and the Governor is expected to sign it into law.  Senate Bill 153 puts the GBI in charge of regulating the industry.

“You’ll have to be background checked, finger printed, drug screened, have the proper insurances in place and you’ll also have to be registered with the Georgia EPD,” Powell said. 

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