Odorox® Hydroxyl Group, a leader in odor removal in the disaster restoration industry, is mobilizing their Odorox® equipment and consulting services to the East Coast in preparation for Hurricane Florence. Expected to make landfall by Thursday or early Friday, Hurricane Florence will track along the coastline of North Carolina and South Carolina and then slowly make its way west and northwest.

As of late Tuesday, the National Hurricane Center upgraded Hurricane Florence to a Category 4 storm and areas and communities ranging from South Carolina to the mid-Atlantic region should be prepared with a hurricane emergency plan and implement advice from local officials. Winds are expected of up near 130 mph and could result in heavy wind damage and catastrophic flooding across the mountains of western North Carolina, western Virginia, and eastern West Virginia.

“We will be available on-site to assist disaster restoration companies and cleanup crews with our hydroxyl machines and industrial units for large volume areas,” said Tom Conroy, Vice President for Odorox® Hydroxyl Group.

Odorox® is no stranger to disaster restoration, as they have assisted contractors with multiple hurricanes in prior years, most recently after Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma at a prestigious resort on the East Coast.

Odorox® Technology is ideal to use on any type of residential or commercial water cleanup including apartment buildings, condominiums, hotels, big box retail, universities and schools, manufacturing and industrial warehouse facilities, hospitals, churches, theaters, etc.

Odorox® asks that restoration companies who need their equipment to please contact their 24/7 Emergency Line at 888-479-7607 or visit their website at Odoroxhg.com for more information on large loss cleanup.

About Odorox® Hydroxyl Group

Odorox® Hydroxyl Group is the official nationwide supplier of the patented Odorox® products to the Disaster Cleanup Industry and its distributors. They provide 24/7 emergency sales and large loss support throughout the United States, and have multiple locations spanning the country to ensure equipment is quickly delivered directly to the job site. They are dedicated to serving their customers and supporting businesses with any loss, however large or small.  

Odorox® is the only patented and scientifically proven hydroxyl technology in the marketplace today. The Odorox® Technology is also successfully deployed in other industries for odor and bacteria applications including rendering plants, sewage plants, industrial warehouses, hospitality, property management, and schools and universities.