Click here to see R&R's video interview with Interstate Restoration CEO Stacy Mazur ahead of Hurricane Harvey and Irma making landfall in 2017. 

Interstate Restoration, one of North America’s leading disaster-recovery companies, has initiated efforts to help businesses respond to the damages that might be inflicted by Hurricane Florence on the East Coast.

After thorough analysis of weather reports, Interstate has determined that the company’s resources will best be staged out of various cities in North Carolina in coming days. Some of those resources include important power, extraction and drying equipment, as well as numerous response personnel.

Interstate began many of its preparatory activities during the weekend ahead of the storm (currently classified as a Category 4 hurricane, with potential to become the worst storm to hit the East Coast in decades).

Various cities such as Raleigh, Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, and others were chosen as the most strategic locations, based on their proximity to the likely storm damage and ability to serve clients, with an eye toward safety.

“While so many residents of North Carolina and South Carolina are wisely making plans to move out of the storm area, we’re making plans to do the opposite,” said Brian Wooley, Vice President of Operations for Interstate.

Interstate’s actions today will have a huge impact on the region’s ability to recover more quickly in coming months, he said.

“Many of our clients will play a key role in helping the entire population rebound from the effects of the storm,” he said. “The quicker we can get our clients back to business, the better it is for everybody.”

Interstate will have response teams in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, pushing the buttons and initiating the recovery process as soon as emergency personnel give the green light. Interstate has already been in touch with their clients and partners across the U.S. to make sure the equipment will be in place; and the company plans to team up with contractors in those three states as needed.

Interstate asked that all businesses and residents in the area take every precaution ahead of the storm, to help reduce the recovery time. Interstate offers numerous tips on its website,, and Wooley noted that the clients who recover most effectively are the ones who prepare most efficiently.