Benefect Corp. has introduced a new product to our customers, Quantum Chemical Residue Remover. Benefect Quantum Residue Remover is a high-performance, bio-based & peroxide-free cleaner specifically formulated for removal of microscopic chemical residues, particularly from clandestine or illicit drug use & production (such as methamphetamine, fentanyl, heroin, oxycodone, etc.).

Quantum is also effective for allergens as well as tear gas and pepper spray removal. The formula has been lab tested and Quantum has also been tested within the field to prove its effectiveness. Quantum surpasses the most stringent standards for safety & cleaning efficiency by rapidly reducing residues down to the smallest levels possible (called quantum amounts), in only 10 minutes!

Current international standards for methamphetamine decontamination promote safe cleaning & removal, not neutralization, encapsulation or oxidization. Traditional oxidizers (such as hydrogen peroxide) can create unknown by-products & VOCs which can also be hazardous. Quantum uses optimized dynamic surfactants & counter ions to disperse & suspend organic chemical contaminants for simple and complete removal. In field studies, it has been commented that “Quantum will dramatically reduce the labour time on a job such as meth clean-up.”

Quantum is a ready-to-use product that is being rolled out with some of our distributors and suppliers over the summer of 2018. To purchase Quantum, please check-in with your current distributor to acquire pricing and product.