Reflecting on a year of sustained growth and expansion, Restoration 1®, one of the fastest-growing and most-trusted restoration franchises in North America, recently recognized top performing franchisees and employees at its annual convention in Fort Worth, Texas.

“I enjoy convention every year, it’s a chance to reconnect and reward the amazing people that make up this company,” said Gary Findley, CEO of Restoration 1. “These award winners not only exceed expectations but have perfectly represented the values we stand for.”

Recognition for achievements were announced during an awards ceremony at The Worthington Renaissance.

Franchisee award winners included:

  • Franchisee of the Year: Ryan Moore and Keith Weatherington- North Columbus
  • CEO Award Winner: Blake Vaughn and Jeff Lott- South Dallas
  • Highest Sales Volume: Brian Christensen- Central Florida
  • Rookie of the Year: Ron Jones- Greater Charlotte
  • Business Developer of the Year: Tina Spencer- North Columbus
  • Technician of the Year: Ryan Segovia- The Foothills
  • Office Professional of the Year: Heather Hubbard- Orange County

Franchise Consultant Choice award winners included:

  • Franky Burciaga and Alfonso Masso- West Austin
  • Ryan Ulrich- Kansas City
  • Daryl Menton- The Capital Region
  • Chris Connell- Charlottesville

Franchisees who reported $1 million in revenue in 2017 were honored as Million Dollar Club members. These included:

  • Brian Christensen
  • Ralph Wally
  • Ty Hines
  • Tamas Krisztian
  • Erik Menendez
  • Jazset Bagy
  • Darric Mitchell
  • Damieon Simon
  • Jovanny Golarza
  • Tom Peterson
  • Nick Limozinere
  • Shannon Plum