There’s a growing national interest to learn more about the impact of ethics on corporate culture and business success. And Dina Dwyer-Owens, Co-Chair of Dwyer Franchising LLC (“Dwyer Group”), has been answering the call, earning her a new honor on Inc.’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers for 2018.

“I am humbled and delighted to be included among so many amazing individuals,” Dwyer-Owens said of the Inc. ranking. “To be in their company shows that audiences are hungry for real life solutions to make the world a better place. And I embrace every opportunity to share how people across Dwyer Group work towards that on a daily basis.”

Dwyer-Owens credits her message and Dwyer Group’s mantra to Live R.I.C.H. to the company’s strong Code of Values and its themes of Respect, Integrity, Customer focus and Having fun in the process. The growing organization has established a cultural foundation with those values and now includes more than 2800 franchisees around the world who account for $1.5 billion in system-wide sales a year. In addition, to reach more people than she can address in person as a speaker, Dwyer-Owens also released her book Values, Inc. to champion the cause so others can create their own values roadmap.

“It’s been said that 95 percent of companies that have a code of values don’t even use it,” Dwyer-Owens said. “Thousands of companies spend countless hours and money with experts to help define their mission, vision and values. They write them down, hang them on the wall and then walk away. When I speak or share my book, the key is about shining the spotlight on people and how they put their values into action on a daily basis. I witness that regularly at Dwyer Group and across our service brands. It is the people who make all the difference in how they live and lead with values as their guide.”

Dwyer Group President and CEO Mike Bidwell has taken that action to a whole new level with the launch of an online platform called Neighborly. It’s overarching goal is to bring humanity and customer care back to the service industry, and it’s one more reason living and leading with values in business continues to gain attention for the organization. 

“Being labeled a top speaker on leadership actually pays tribute to the incredible leaders I get to talk about on a regular basis,” Dwyer-Owens said. “And I love opening those doors of communication to welcome those who are interested in hearing that, joining our business or passing that message on to others. It’s my mission to share this journey while helping others on their journey.”