Just released! Brand new, cutting edge Disaster Recovery Contracts for the State of Texas.

Restoration industry advocates at Cross & Associates built on the years of development of their forms for other states to create the best product for those answering the call of those in distress in the Lone Star State. This package includes:

  • A contract that can be used for commercial or residential jobs for everything from basic cleanup to remediation and significant reconstruction. 
  • Special Terms and Conditions favorable to the contractor.
  • Strongly-worded Assignment of Insurance Benefits (AOB).
  • Contents Disposal Authorization.
  • Several releases and disclaimers.
  • Array of notices and disclosures required by the State of Texas. 

The forms are in editable Microsoft Word format and are ready to insert your logo and contact information. Each form consists of one easy-to-read page, unlike "over-lawyered" contracts that spill over onto multiple pages and intimidate customers.

Don't wander into Texas unprepared!  


This product is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.  If you have questions about a specific case in Texas, we will connect you with a Texas lawyer.