When home and business owners face property restoration after a water or fire emergency, they want to be sure they're calling a company they can trust. If they need home cleaning services or mold removal in Chicago, they appreciate dealing with experienced technicians trained to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

IICRC certification makes a big difference in who those customers contact when they need help. I know because my certification works for both my business and my clients every day.

7 Ways IICRC Certification Makes a Positive Difference

1. Customers Want Trained Technicians

Any company can vouch for its employees' abilities and experience, but I document mine with IICRC certification. Customers know my technicians are rigorously trained and maintain their industry standing with ongoing education. We stay on top of the latest advancements in equipment, technology and techniques.

2. We Offer a Full Line of Services

Unlike other companies that only focus on residential or commercial cleaning, we offer a full range of services. Our IICRC certification backs our expertise in restoration and remediation work, and that's important to customers suddenly dealing with water or fire damage at their home or business.

3. Safety Standards Ensure Confidence

IICRC standards set an extremely high bar for safety across all aspects of the cleaning and restoration industry. We incorporate those standards into everything we do, and that ensures customer confidence in our work especially on hazardous jobs that require special equipment and procedures.

4. Industry Networking Widens Access

Because the IICRC has formed a strong alliance with different industries over the years, certified businesses enjoy important access to manufacturers of fabric, carpet, furnishings and more. Our certification also allows designation as preferred service providers for product maintenance and warranties.

5. We Enjoy a Marketing Edge

Non-certified businesses don't have the marketing advantages that I enjoy through my IICRC partnership. That competitive edge comes from my company's listing in the IICRC's referral database. Customers can match my services to their needs 24/7 with confidence that highly trained, experienced technicians are ready to respond.

6. The Logo Stands for Integrity

Maintaining IICRC certification depends on delivering honest services through a responsible business model. This means always having liability insurance in place as well as written complaint policies to resolve disputes. When our customers see the IICRC logo, they don't have to read the fine print. They know they're protected when we're on the job.

7. Customers Trust Us

When a cleaning and restoration company begins work in a home or business, customers appreciate knowing exactly who's on the job. Our certification stands as testament to our commitment to the highest levels of safety and professionalism. That kind of customer care establishes trust and working relationships that last for years.

Delivering the Best

As a cleaning and disaster restoration contractor, I always deliver the technical expertise my clients expect. As an IICRC-certified business, I know I'm providing the best possible services while keeping my company ahead of the competition and keeping my customers happy and satisfied.