FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) provides innovative thermal solutions and recently incorporated thermal imaging technology in test and measurement tools. The instruments with thermal visualization, known as Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM™), help professionals quickly locate hidden problems by visualizing temperature differences. 
When utilizing standard test and measurement tools, professionals are left to guess where to focus their efforts, taking multiple readings to find the problem area. IGM, however, instantly displays temperature variations to help identify the precise location for measurement, saving time, increasing efficiency, and keeping professionals safe from potentially dangerous situations. IGM can also help verify problems have been fixed after repairs.
FLIR products with Infrared Guided Measurement include:
  • FLIR TG165: A spot thermal camera that identifies heat patterns and measures temperature, it’s the best tool for building and general electrical inspections. With a wide field of view, it can easily find unseen hot and cold spots for troubleshooting.
  • FLIR MR176 and FLIR MR 160: Imaging moisture meters can help professionals uncover hidden moisture in walls, floors, or ceilings. Fix any unseen leaks before it expands into a much larger problem.  
  • FLIR CM174: An imaging 600A AC/DC clamp meter perfect for electricians. It’s a convenient all-in-one tool that helps professionals hone in and track electrical overheating more quickly and safely. A built-in laser and crosshair helps pinpoint the exact location of the problem. 
Less than the size of a dime, Lepton equips a new generation of affordable professional tools with thermal imaging and with IGM technology, FLIR Systems continues to create differentiated and useful tools to help industry professionals target and resolve problems efficiently and safely.