Restoration Cleaners was founded in 2002, and had nine years of tremendous growth to provide the highest quality service, to act with integrity, honesty, and high moral standards in the restoration community. In this span, RC was a five-time recipient of the Inc. 500 Fasting Growing Companies.
Owner and founder Brian Adams was approached in 2010 by a private equity group of Harvard MBA's wanting to purchase Restoration Cleaners. After lengthy negotiations, Adams and the other partners agreed to sell. Unfortunately the private equity group did not see the family behind Restoration Cleaners only the numbers. After driving the business into bankruptcy, Adams repurchased the assets of the business.
Since July 2013, Adams and his team have been tirelessly working to rebuild a new Restoration Cleaners that exceeds the highest level of quality and service that clients and employees deserve.
In an effort provide the best possible service, Restoration Cleaners has partnered with Textile Solutions (formally know as NARD) and introduced new software technology know as Tromis. The Tromis system allows a bag of items to be tagged to a specific client upon removal from residence. Once all bags arrive at the plant, each item is inventoried and tagged to insure all items are properly cleaned and returned to the client. This system which employs the use of digital scanners, and iPads on site helps nearly eliminates the incidents of lost or misplaced of items.
In addition to cleaning and restoring your everyday textile, Restoration Cleaners also offers rug and drapery cleaning for both residential and commercial spaces. While other companies send rug and drapes to an outside vendor, RC has the ability and the skill needed to clean these items at our facility and re-install them in a client's  home or business.
Restoration Cleaners is not only an expert in the restoration of textiles but also the recovery, cleaning and restoration of electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment and machinery. Be it residential, data centers, hospitals, communications centers, manufacturing facilities, or more, Restoration Cleaners can restores electronics back to pre-loss conditions.
Restoration Cleaners is more than just a restoration company, in 2005 the company expanded to include hotel valet dry-cleaning and laundry services. The hotel valet side of RC, now known as The Cleaning Company Houston currently services over 60 hotels in and around the Houston area. We have the largest facility, largest fleet of delivery vehicles, and most innovative technology in the greater Houston area available to customer 24/7/365.
The Cleaning Company Houston offers more than just simple dry-cleaning and laundering services. Our technicians possess the knowledge and skill to perform on-site drapery cleaning, rug and common area fabric cleaning, table and bed linen cleaning as well as mattress protection.
Both Restoration Cleaners and The Cleaning Company Houston are a proud team of experts with more than 100 year combined experience in the restoration and cleaning of textiles and electronics.