Meyer says its Vantage-Vac insulation removal vacuum and Model 220 insulation blowing machine are the ultimate dynamic duo.

Here's what Meyer has to say:

Remove Installation: The Vantage-Vac is a highly portable, yet powerful gas powered insulation removal vacuum. Whether the insulation is wet, fire damaged,Meyer Vantage Vac smoke damaged or contains non-hazardous mold; the Vantage-Vac has power to spare to handle even the most difficult insulation removal jobs. Its compact, two-wheeled design allows for close placement to the removal area, resulting in shorter hoses and reserving the power of the Vantage-Vac to efficiently move hard-to-handle material. The outlet can be configured to discharge directly into a reusable or disposable collection bag, or a Dumpster or roll-off.

Meyer Model 220Re-insulate: The Model 220 insulation blowing machine is a simple, versatile and portable alternative for the professional restoration contractor. Capable of blowing fiberglass and cellulose, the 220 provides exceptional production and coverage in a portable machine at a reasonable price, getting you out of the attic in a fraction of the time. The high capacity plastic hopper can be easily removed for rotor seal inspection and replacement. Designed from decades of experience building contractor grade machinery for all types of insulation materials, the Model 220 offers excellent portability due to a rugged, yet lightweight construction allowing it to be transported effortlessly in a car, SUV, truck or van.

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