Simsol Software Solutions just released the latest version of its estimating software, Simsol 6.0. The company says this latest version has enhancements to make the claims and estimation process easier, faster, and more accurate and effective.

Simsol president John Postava says the latest version is just in time for this year's wind, hail and tropical storm seasons. "For over the past year and a half our development team has been hard at work adding the features that you, our valued users, have been clamoring for (in addition to some new design screens we hope you all like)," he said. "Simsol 6.0 comes complete with a 'ReadMe' file summarizing all of the new and improved features of our software as well as a complete instructional booklet which can be downloaded from our website."

Among the most significant changes:

  • Multiple Estimates: Add multiple building estimates that tie into the Statement of Loss.

  • New Camera Module: A clear image module for Windows 7 tablets.

  • Improved Claim Activity Tracking: Time-stamped history, allowing for rock-solid analytics.

  • Enhanced Contents Estimate / New Building & APS Estimate Importers: Imports the PDF and totals from the estimate.

  • Intuitive User Interface: Updated to improve efficiency and streamline workflow.

  • Touch Point Technology: SFA detects if touch is available and expands the main menu.

  • Multiple estimates, additional analytics and intuitive user interface enhancements make software scalable for high-volume users.

“While we were busy making all the improvements you will find as you use SIMSOL 6.0, our primary purpose was to keep SIMSOL the easiest and most accurate insurance repair estimating and property claim adjusting software available on the planet," Postava said. "I think we have succeeded in that task. But I am now asking you to be the final judge! Go ahead, kick the tires, blow the horn and take 6.0 out for a test drive….we think you will like the way she drives!”

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