After taking place in Frisco, Texas in 2014, The Experience Conference and Exhibition will head back to its long-time Clearwater Beach location this spring, taking place from April 27-29 at the Clearwater Beach Hilton Resort and Spa. And as Larry Cooper, Executive Manager, Experience Events, points out, the return to the attendee and family-friendly beach isn’t necessarily because last year’s location didn’t work.

“More than 70% of our attendees had never attended one of our conventions before and found out what they had been missing,” Cooper says of last year’s Conference and Exhibition. “Our show was very busy, active and brought together some of the best trainers in the industry.”

Hence, in order to attract new attendees, Cooper says the spring Experience show will rotate every other year between Clearwater Beach and various new host cities. And coming this spring, The Experience will be back in Clearwater like it’s never been before.

In an effort to change from a conservative technical program to more of a hands-on and classroom program, The Experience has once again partnered with Mikey’s Fest to bring more hands-on demonstrations inside the exhibit hall, as well as outside of it. The spring show will also feature a speaking contest, which was introduced at last fall’s Experience Convention and Trade Show to much fanfare, as well as educational programs and an exhibit hall.

“We will also offer several sessions on business management and marketing (and) employee management, including hiring and firing workshops,” says Cooper. “We will feature special training for commercial maintenance programs and an extended extra day workshop for companies that want more training for commercial carpet maintenance programs.”

Other notable things the Experience Conference and Exhibition has to offer include:

  • Water damage restoration strategies: Following the conference, experts in the restoration field will offer a day-and-a-half workshop worth of support and strategies, including how to work profitably in the industry, working with third party administrators, marketing for new work, succeeding as a small or mid-sized company and identifying metrics for key results.
  • On May 1, ICRA will offer candidates Performance Assessments. A day earlier, on April 30, ICRA assessors will go through training. The Experience asks assessor candidates to submit an application well in advance of the event. 


The Experience Conference and Exhibition

            When: April 27-29

            Where:  The Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort  and Spa, Clearwater Beach, FL


             Contacts:  888-881-1001 (x12) or  303-469-0306 (x12)