Although the company’s official roots date back to 2009, Arcus Restoration as it’s known today was started just over two years ago in 2012. Leading the independent full-service restoration company is four equal partners – Paul Parkerson, Vic Beck, Adam Beck and Mike Uggla. And what initially started as a one-location business is now up to four all throughout Tennessee and northern Alabama. Arcus today is a 40-employee, multi-million dollar grossing company that has regularly experienced high double-digit year-after-year growth thus far.

Arcus Restoration is an example of an independent firm that’s grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2009 and subsequent rebranding in 2012 – and the partners are quick to give a huge assist to DASH workflow management software from Next Gear Solutions, a solution that’s helped streamline business operations to make things run more smoothly and efficiently to facilitate the company’s rapid growth.

Adam Beck recalls visiting Parkerson and his brother, Vic, in the early days of the business and finding two presentable, reliable guys that were receiving work on those two factors alone. But he also observed white boards all over the office, stacks of job files 2 feet high and other old-fashioned means of staying on top of current work.

“It was a thriving business, but with a 1960’s sort of operational integrity,” Beck recalls. “I said, ‘Guys, we either need to spend a bunch of money building a proprietary database that can manage all this or we need to start looking around to see if somebody’s made something to get us out in front of that.’”

After spending time analyzing their options – many of which they found were more construction-based programs that had been halfway retrofitted for the restoration industry than anything else – they came across DASH. Implementing the software was one of the very first decisions the four made as a partnership.

DASH’s parent company, Next Gear Solutions, initially began as a consulting firm for the restoration industry. But after Garret Gray, Next Gear Solutions President/CEO, discovered that the details he wanted to track and advise companies on weren’t available to many of his clients, he created DASH – software specific for the industry.

Arucus Restoration implemented DASH in January 2012 and gradually transitioned more and more of the software’s features into the company’s everyday operations.

“Initially, we used the program essentially to replace the whiteboards,” Beck says. “At first, we sort of tiptoed in it - it became a different way to track jobs.”

But by the end of 2012, Beck says it completely changed the way Arcus ran its business, from how the accounting department runs, to how their services are marketed, to how the operational side runs to how work orders are created.

“It’s an extremely wide and deep platform,” he says. “It’s an amazing program that really touches on every single thing that we do. It’s the backbone of our entire operation.

“When a job comes in, the instant it comes in, our coordinators input the job, input the information, schedule someone out, input when they’re scheduled to be there and then send a link to the agent and often the property owner with all that information. That link stays active throughout the course of the job. So when my guys roll in, they’re taking photos of the damage in the mobile DASH application, which are instantly uploaded. So if the agent is watching and it’s 2:15 p.m. and my guys are scheduled to be there at 2 p.m., he’ll see photos coming in, in real-time. That level of transparency exists throughout the project.”

The payoff from implementing DASH into Arcus’ everyday operations has been evident in the company’s growth, having opened up three additional offices since its initial inception and having grown to service more territory.

As for the future of Arcus Restoration, Beck says that they hope to continue their current pace, adding 1-2 offices a year for the next several years to stay on the company’s high double-digit growth pace. In addition to adding more revenue and servicing more territory, additional growth will give more opportunity to Arcus’ employees, Beck says.  With DASH as a part of Arcus’ business arsenal, he says it’s certainly an attainable goal.

“We could not do it without them,” he says. “The speed with which we’ve been able to move, because of DASH. The way we were doing business, it just would have been a house of cards. We always know where we are with DASH, we know how projects are running. Without a doubt, without DASH we couldn’t have done it.

 “I haven’t seen anything that’s anywhere close to as applicable for this industry as DASH. I think it will be the industry standard sometime in the very near future.”

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