HiringIt is really important that you have diversification on your team, especially when it comes to cleaning contents. This job takes someone with organization, precision, attention to detail, flexibility to jump from one thing to another, patience, problem solving skills and follow through, to name a few. The chances of you finding all of these traits or skills in one type of personality is pretty slim, if not impossible.

What you need then is to have a diversified team made up of people with a variety of action modes and skill sets to effectively and efficiently handle your contents cleaning.

For instance our team is made up of retirees, college students, industry career people and stay-at-home moms that want part-time extra income. Each of our teams are made up of at least two men and the rest usually women.

Men are typically good at the big stuff like appliances, large furniture and organizing and moving boxes into storage. Women are usually better at the tedious stuff that takes patience and more time. That is not always the case, but as a general rule proves to be true a lot of the time. In order to have a happy, productive crew, it is important to mix it up.

It is also important to consider how much of a people person they are. How well do they work with other team members and interact with clients? When you are in someone’s home packing out their contents, this can be a very stressful and scary time for them. You need the right team members in place to make your homeowner feel comfortable with the process.

Here are the three things I do when determining if someone is a right fit for our team:

  • Have them take a Kolbe test to determine their mode of operation. This way, I know what cleaning position they are a good fit for.
  • Require 3 previous employers for references.
  • Consider the other team members I have and if they are a right fit with the current personalities and skill sets that are on my crew.