The Florida Association of Restoration Specialists (FLARS) will hold a meeting this Thursday in Tallahassee over a late amendment filed to Florida House Bill 743 that impacts a homeowner’s right to assign benefits.

Here’s the full notice from FLARS President, Jeff Grant, as well as meeting location details:

“This Thursday (March 13, 2014) in Tallahassee, there will be a committee meeting and the more restoration business owners, contractors, and representatives we can have present, the better. This is serious! We must be present and make our issues known or we will suffer for the changes that are trying to be made. Please, please, please be a part of helping save our industry in Florida and potentially your business. Show your support by being at the meeting in Tallahassee on Thursday. Bring your clients, bring your employees, bring anyone that benefits or has benefited from the assignment of benefits. They need to see us and hear from us. They need to see how many and how much this will affect Florida!

An extremely late filed amendment to HB 743 was filed this morning and was passed unanimously this morning. There has to be a bill from the House and another from the Senate that "match up." We cannot allow SB 708 to be passed with any banning of assignment of benefits. If this happens, it will then go to the floor and the last chance will be a veto by Governor of the entire bill. While there are good things included in these bills, the banning of assignment of benefits is not good.

If you cannot make it to Tallahassee, please e-mail and call your Senators, your representatives and the members of the Banking & Insurance Committee and let them know any ban on assignment of benefits is bad for the consumers and businesses of Florida.

MEETING DATE: Thursday, March 13, 2014
TIME: 1:00 p.m.
PLACE: Toni Jennings Committee Room, 110 Senate Office Building

It's time to come to Tallahassee and be seen and heard. No one can stand up for our businesses the way we can!

 For more information or if you have questions, please contact FLARS President, Jeff Grant at (850) 242-8449 or (850) 878-6469.”