(Wood Dale, IL, June 21, 2011) – Disaster Kleenup International (DKI), LLC, announced today that it has been chosen to appear on theMoving America Forwardtelevision show hosted by William Shatner.

Moving America Forwardoffers entrepreneurial companies the ability to introduce and market their products that help to move the economy forward. This is achieved through iconic celebrity William Shatner and famous TV anchors presenting the products and achievements of selected entrepreneurs in a TV news format show. The show airs nationally and is targeted to the business community and to the entrepreneur’s distributors and clients. Its mission is to help move America forward by giving America’s entrepreneurs the recognition they need to succeed.

DKI was chosen to appear on the show because it assists businesses in re-opening their doors should a disaster or catastrophic event occur. By assisting businesses in adequately planning for and recovering from a disaster or catastrophic event, DKI is able to help move our economy forward.

The episode featuring DKI will be airing in the next ninety days on the American Life Television Network.