CHANTILLY, Va. (Dec. 14, 2011) – CORT, a Berkshire Hathaway Company and the only national provider of rental furniture, has partnered with Blu SKY Restoration Contractors to provide rental furnishings and assistance establishing temporary office and housing for businesses and employees immediately following disasters causing property damage. As part of Blu SKY’s First Aid Disaster Response Plan network, CORT ensures businesses can quickly help employees get settled and return to work following a disaster.

  From Hurricane Katrina to fires and floods nationwide, CORT has extensive experience helping businesses and individuals get back to work, quickly re-establishing office space and secure temporary housing in the aftermath of disasters. By partnering with Blu SKY, CORT provides rapid, nationwide support for office and home furnishings following devastating events.

  “As the nation’s largest rental furnishings and rental housing locating resource, CORT has a unique opportunity to help individuals and businesses get back to business post disaster,” said Allison Ballard, Director of Business Development at CORT. “We’re proud to be a partner to Blu SKY and their customers if and when disaster strikes.”

  As part of the First aid Disaster Response Plan, CORT and Blu SKY also provide residential assistance to businesses with employees who may need temporary housing following disaster. CORT has a network of millions of temporary housing options across the country.

  “We’re excited to have CORT as a trusted partner in our First Aid Disaster Response Plan,” said Terry Shadwick, President and CEO of Blu SKY Restoration Contractors. “CORT’s experience providing aid to disaster victims, as well as their extensive national scope, assures our clients that they will have access to speedy and professional support as they re-establish operations following a disaster. Like CORT, Blu SKY’s number one goal is to get our clients up and running as quickly as possible when faced with an unexpected property damaging event.”