Due to the changes and impacts of the changes in the inspection, cleaning and restoration industry, leaders of the cleaning and restoration industry trade associations recently met to develop a memorandum of understanding to further define a unified industry affiliation agreement.

  Since 1987, many organizations have been discussing bringing together the various associations to cooperate and work together to build the industry.  The trade associations that met agreed to move forward together and formed a new international association: the Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Association (ICRA) dba as the International Cleaning and Restoration Association. 

  ”This is an exciting time for our industry. An international membership organization has been needed and talked about for a long time in our industry. With the support of national and regional associations working together we can build something that will benefit all sectors of the inspection, cleaning and restoration industry.” Craig Kersemeier, ICRA Chairperson, said.

The concept of ICRA, having associations work together cooperatively, has been discussed for many years and will streamline the efforts of participating associations and improve on services and education for members. The organizations agreed to collaborate and work with other industry related organizations and groups.

“With shared vision and knowledge, we can better support technicians, companies and related stakeholders.” Kersemeier said.

  More information will be available in the coming weeks.