Everett, Wash. – Fluke Corporation, the global leader in handheld electronic test and measurement technology, has taken a big step to turn work into fun. The company has unveiled the Fluke Challenge, an interactive video game set in an imaginary industrial workplace that makes it fun learning how Fluke thermal imaging technology helps solve system maintenance problems.

Fluke Challenge conveys a sense of reality you can see and feel. The game is set in gritty industrial equipment rooms and there’s a supervisor nearby to check your progress.

As you scan the rooms and detect problems with your Fluke thermal imager, you can capture and save the images as you would in real life. Then you can report what you found to the boss and fix the problem. There’s a transformer that’s overloaded. Fuses overheated. A valve stuck shut. The more problems you find and fix the more money you save, the higher your score…and the happier the boss.

To try your hand at Fluke Challenge, go to www.Flukechallenge.com.