Morris Plains, NJ – November 14, 2008 - StarTrak Systems, a subsidiary of Alanco Technologies, Inc., today announced it has acquired the assets of MicroLogic, a provider of products designed to help construction and equipment rental businesses monitor and track a wide range of high value fleet assets, such as heavy equipment and service and delivery vehicles. The company’s iSite Solution Suite of products helps maximize equipment utilization, minimize downtime, improve service life by monitoring operating condition and optimizing maintenance schedules, as well as raise resale values.

“Our acquisition of MicroLogic provides strength and growth opportunities for everyone involved,” stated Tim Slifkin, CEO at StarTrak. “MicroLogic’s technology and its customer markets will serve as an ideal place to extend StarTrak’s extensive technological capabilities, including offering several patented technologies and new feature sets for existing MicroLogic solutions. Likewise, StarTrak will benefit from MicroLogic’s expertise and market knowledge, but more importantly our customers will benefit from a broadened spectrum of products that will allow us to serve their needs more effectively.”

Founded over 25 years ago, MicroLogic is most notable for its technical development of the LoJac Stolen Vehicle Recovery System and the engineering of the LifeLine Personal Emergency Response System. More recently, MicroLogic began offering wireless solutions to address a number of operational and asset management challenges in the construction industry, entering into the emerging market for wireless tracking and monitoring of construction equipment assets, such as towable generators, excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, rock drills and cranes. The company currently provides data services to about 25 customers, tracking and monitoring over 1,000 construction equipment assets, principally in the Eastern United States.

“The acquisition of MicroLogic is a tremendous opportunity to invest in a technology and customer base that plays to our strengths and will enable us to grow in existing and new markets,” Slifkin said. “We look forward to working to extend MicroLogic’s market reach, expanding its solution offerings and servicing its customers.”