September 22, 2009 – Coraopolis, PA – ProRestore, maker of Unsmoke, Microban and ODORx products, announces that Bad Odor Blocks have always been and remain VOC compliant and offer “superior odor-blocking effectiveness making them the best overall solution for quickly and conveniently controlling airborne malodors.”

  “Bad Odor Blocks are comprised of adsorbent media that’s renewable, sustainable and doesn’t contain petrochemicals,” explained Harry Velgich, ProRestore product manager, “and that has become increasingly important to many consumers. Additionally, Bad Odor Blocks are engineered to comply with the more stringent VOC regulations being adopted all over the nation.” Harry added that Bad Odor Blocks are very effective at counteracting malodors, because the media holds more than three times its weight in active ingredients, which delivers maximum deodorization.

  An odor counteractant wafer sealed in packaging, Bad Odor Blocks are convenient and economical to transport both domestically and internationally, are convenient and easy to use and offer contractors a definitive odor-blocking solution. “When you look at the whole package” said Harry, “Bad Odor Blocks should streamline decision making for customers.”

  Bad Odor Blocks are available in five fragrances - cherry, vanilla, rain forest, lemon lime and apple - and are sold through distributors listed in the Distributors section of the ProRestore Products website.

  ProRestore Products offers a full line of chemical solutions for odor, smoke and microbial control. ProRestore combines three legendary brands – Unsmoke, Microban,and ODORx – to provide odor and antimicrobial solutions for water and fire damage restoration and remediation and professional cleaning. Explore for more information.