DALLAS, Tex., Tuesday, December 15, 2009-Premier dry cleaning and laundry establishment, Bibbentuckers of Dallas, Texas, announces its addition of a FRSTeam by Bibbentuckers dedicated fabric restoration location.  In business since 1996 with six retail locations featuring separate facilities and staging, hand cleaning, and wet cleaning areas, Bibbentuckers already boasts extensive experience in retail dry cleaning that it will leverage in the new fabric restoration facility.

  “Where our team excels is in upfront inspections,” according to Business Development Director, Jeremy Trevino.  “Bibbentuckers service professionals are trained in identifying brands and appropriate processes for handling.  We also have established packing, handling and packaging procedures that we can carry over into fabric restoration,” shares Trevino.

  Bibbentuckers specialty areas worth mentioning include expertise in leathers-they have an excellent shoe service-and higher-end processing capabilities for handling the sophisticated tailoring, intricate beading, or other fragile handwork associated with couture garments and fine or delicate fabrics.  Publicly, Bibbentuckers is identified as a trusted resource, recommended by the most distinguished couture designers and retail establishments in the world.

  “Bibbentuckers has demonstrated a superior level of customer service in the greater Dallas market for some time,” states Jim Nicholas, President of FRSTeam.  “That commitment to excellent customer service is a hallmark of our FRSTeam operators and demonstrates why Bibbentuckers is such a wonderful fit for our team.”