DENVER – (Denver Post) – May 15, 2007 -- Seven people received medical treatment today in the wake of flooding at an Aurora elementary school.

Water from a heavy rainstorm leaked overnight into Independence Elementary at 4700 S. Memphis St., soaking carpeting.

"It just came in underneath a couple of exterior doors. ... The water just built up like an aquarium," said Capt. Mike Ackman, Aurora Fire Department spokesman.

The wet carpet is suspected of causing respiratory problems in several adults and children.

Paramedics were called to the school this morning to help a person who was having trouble breathing. While there, they heard that parents had been notified to pick up 12 to 15 children who were complaining of the same symptoms.

Additional paramedic crews and firefighters were called to the scene and, ultimately, treated three adults and four children. Two of the adults were taken to the hospital for observation.

The wet carpeting was in isolated areas, including the library. Students were being kept out of the affected areas, according to Ackman.

Cherry Creek School District environmental experts and Tri-County Health Department staffers were investigating to determine when the school could be fully reopened.