Saddlebrook, NJ – Paul Davis Restoration of Northeast New Jersey and Morris County owners Bill Baron, Bill Binder, Jim Fagan, and associate Quentin Unsworth, along with their staff, recently helped an elderly woman in Dumont and improved the flooded conditions in her home.

Paul Davis Restoration chose to donate restoration services to Diana Lagana as part of the company’s Paul Davis Restoring America program -an annual home improvement initiative designed to help those who are physically unable to fix up their homes.

According to Bill Baron, Paul Davis Restoration will provide time, labor, and materials to Mrs. Lagana after she suffered water damage to her home from the recent rainstorms and flooding in northeast NJ. Mrs. Lagana, 93, is a widow and will be saved the overwhelming expense of drying out her basement, including repairs and restoration to base trim and floors.

“Mrs. Lagana utilized our services a few years ago and loved our work. When she was told that her water loss would not be covered due to ground water, she called FEMA. She was issued a check in the amount of $1,500, which barely covered her medical expenses. Much of her medical expenses were prompted by health conditions she suffered after the flooding catastrophe,” said Baron. “We spent several hours removing base trim and spraying her floors, and worked with six air movers, two high-tech dryers and one, high efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) vacuum to dry the floors and walls. Once the basement is dry, we will replace the base trim, stain it, and replace her vinyl floor,” he said.

“The mitigation, in conjunction with the repairs, will make the entire project worth $7,700 which we decided to pay for. We believe this is a small price to pay for Mrs. Lagana’s peace of mind,” said Baron. “When Mrs. Lagana asked us how she could ever repay the company, our answer was to invite us to her one hundredth birthday party,” he said.