The Dragon K85 diesel-fired portable heater from Dri-Eaz brings “fast, efficient heating to drying jobs, building sites and temporary structures. High volume air movement coupled with indirect heating means the unit can deliver heated economically and safely in a wide variety of situations,” the company said.

The Dragon uses an indirect fired heat exchanger to provide clean heat for drying. Unlike a propane or kerosene heater, the Dragon’s combustion chamber is separate from the process air chamber. This means that the Dragon heats the air without adding moisture, fumes or smoke.

“We were able to significantly reduce the drying times in our flood house by adding dry heat to the crawlspace. And the ducting allows access to almost any hard-to-reach area,” said Brandon Burton, Dri-Eaz technical education manager. “The Dragon K85 is really an essential addition to any contractor’s fleet.”