This year the annual ABRA Conference will be held at the Disney Resorts Royal Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Fla., Sept. 21-23. Conference Director Teresa Borst of Bio Clean, Inc., has had her committee putting together a list of guest speakers that addresses all facets of the bio-recovery industry.

Do you have to be a member of ABRA to attend the annual conference? No, you do not. Many past attendees were not members, but entrepreneurs looking to venture into the industry and others considering adding bio-recovery as service to their current services.

For those arriving Sunday, Sept. 20 to take advantage of Orlando and the pre-conference social kick off, there will be a pre-conference workshop at 2 p.m. BIO-Protect will be sharing a unique business opportunity to diversify you company’s income. BIO-Protect works in tandem with a firm that treats facilities with a microbial for MRSA and staph. With bio-recovery firms having the unique knowledge and specialized equipment to clean and decon a facility before microbial treatment, this opens a potential revenue stream not previously available.

The Network Dinner will be held at the Hard Rock Café of Orlando Tuesday evening. The Network Dinner has always been the highlight of the conference, an opportunity to share war stories, ideas or just a chance to let your hair down and have some fun. Should you have any questions on how to sign up, call Dan Pinkston at (866) 402-9112 or e-mail

Speakers and Presenters
Joan Spencer, compliance assistance specialist with the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration, will be speaking on OSHA Rules and Regulations, BBP, HAZCOM, confined spaces and respirator programs. Find out if you know everything you need to about OSHA compliance.

Michael A. Miller has served as the director of the Anderson/Oconee, South Carolina Regional Forensics Laboratory. Mike will be speaking on the forensics pertaining to clandestine drug labs. An instructor at the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists, Mike’s insight on this subject is very enlightening, and he shares his education as well as his experience in the meth lab world.

Peter Crosa serves on ABRA’s Board of Advisors. Peter teaches the topics and is author of “Soft Selling Hardened Claims Adjusters” and “Adjuster Busters: 10 Steps to Breaking Barriers and Building Relationships with Adjusters” Peter’s workshop is a must; even if you are only into fire and water remediation services and have no desire to do bio-recovery, if you live near the Orlando area, this is one speaker you do not want to miss.

Representatives of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will be discussing health, safety and asbestos issues related to our industry. Find out what risks and what protocols you need to have in place when dealing with asbestos and blood or body fluids. Many of the properties that you have to remediate may involve dealing with asbestos. Learn on what signs to be aware of in properties that may have asbestos.

Dr. Will Marling is the executive director of the National Organization for Victims Assistance. He also serves on ABRA’s Board of Advisors. Dr. Marling has created what he calls “Emotional First Aid” for survivors of disaster of any size and scope. Learn the ABCs of Emotional First Aid. Dr. Marling networks with our industry realizing that many times we are the tether between survivors and NOVA’s Crisis Response Team. Being that tether can play a vital role in the recovery process.

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