Presray Corporation recently launched HydroLogs, an interlocking, heavy-duty, aluminum flood protection system that protects large openings from impeding floodwaters.  This new product features a modular design that allows one person to quickly deploy without any tools, making plywood and sandbag solutions a thing of the past.

“HydroLogs adds to our already proven line of flood barriers offering a cost-effective, quickly deployed, reusable flood solution for larger, wider openings,” said Jason Smith, president and CEO of Presray Corporation.  “Just as floods come in all sizes, so do door openings, each requiring a different method of protection. Sales have been very successful for our DoorDam Adjustable Flood Barriers for many flood protection needs, but many have asked for a similar solution for wider openings such as garages, double-door entrances, sliding glass doors, store fronts, etc. Our answer is HydroLogs. Now, more than ever, we pride ourselves on the breadth of property flood protection solutions that we offer to both consumers and small businesses.