“Leadership is service, not position.”– Tim Fargo. As the new Restoration & Remediation editor-in chief, I will work to continue on the legacy of those who have preceded me by providing valuable content, and presenting new innovative ways to further education about the R&R industry. I am honored and grateful to be joining the R&R team, most all, I’m excited to get to know everyone, and be of resource to those who serve in the restoration and remediation roles each day.

While I am not completely new to the industry with previous experience writing about storm restoration and remediation, the world of R&R is vast and I plan to be a sponge soaking in as much knowledge as possible. But, I didn’t always work on the technical side of the communications industry, or, in the communications industry at all. I won’t give drawn out details about every bit of my past but, this is a bit interesting, I promise.

Before starting my communications career, I studied music as a vocalist, it was what I have done all of my life with classical training in opera which went through high school and later grew to jazz studies once I attended my undergrad school Berklee College of Music. There, I studied the business of the music industry so that I and I quote “ would be an educated singer when it came to my contracts.” Either way I have been in a few bands, and enjoyed performing on many different levels.

Moving forward, although I had this love for music, I’ve always had an affinity for radio, and how the platform allowed for entertainment but also, how the announcers served the community by putting on different events, spreading educational content and providing a voice to those locally who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to do so. Because of that, once I graduated undergrad, I went to work at a local radio station in the Boston area where my school was located and the rest was history. From there I worked an externship at a local tv station to learn the in’s and out’s of tv writing, reporting and producing.

Long story short, years later I went to grad school and studied New Media Journalism, worked in the TV news industry for years after as a reporter/producer, and then ended up in technical writing for the past three years which greatly attributed to a substantial growth for me in the communications field as I had finally found my niche.

I’m eager to learn more about the industry and continue providing a platform for the R&R community. Please reach out to me anytime, I’d love to have a meet and greet, maybe a little coffee and tea time virtually while working to provide innovative solutions for future growth, actionable insights, story ideas or to just get to know each other further.

Talk soon,

– Myldred Ingram