As a contractor, I’m guessing you are always open to ways to bring in repeat business to your company. In restoration, after all, repeat business is rather rare, unless you’re talking about repeated referrals from a great source. In this case, I am not talking about referral business (although that could certainly be part of it), I’m talking about business you can count on year-round, no matter the weather.

Let’s talk odor removal. Depending on your odor removal method of choice, there are a lot of entities that could use your services, specifically if you rely heavily on innovations like hydroxyl generators. There are some available today that have been tested by the FDA and proven safe in occupied spaces.

You could consider offering odor removal services to:

  • Multi-family & Apartment Complexes. Odor removal services are often needed between residents in rental units. This could mean removing cigarette and smoke odors, food smells, pet odors, etc. These jobs can be as easy as a technician dropping off and turning on a machine at a rental unit before heading to the scene of another loss where they are working for the day.
  • Schools. Have you ever been in a boy’s locker room after a football or hockey game? Wow. Setting up hydroxyl generators in locker rooms can really help mitigate bad odors. Plus, if you do contents cleaning, this is a great opportunity to earn more business by cleaning sports equipment for local teams on a regular basis.
  • Hotels. This goes along with the apartment complexes mentioned above. Even though most hotels these days don’t allow smoking, they are constantly faced with customers who ignore the rules. The good news is that hotels often charge a fee to customers who do choose to smoke in their rooms. Part of that money could come straight to you if you’re on that hotel’s speed dial to stomp out odors quickly and effectively.

No matter which route you choose, or if it’s a little bit of each, make sure your documentation is in place. This means signed agreements with property owners to collect payment, equipment tracking technology, and job logs so you know how long a piece of equipment has been on site. Plus, do not forget to clean your units periodically to ensure you aren’t cross-contaminating job sites.

Have an example of how you offer unique odor removal services? Share it in the comment section below!