I often reserve this space here on the Editor’s Blog to cover some fun, interesting things that might not necessarily qualify for our “Latest Headlines” or other editorial sections of the website. And one of these particularly interesting things came my way the other day from Rainbow International, when an early December water restoration job in an office turned into a police scene.

According to a press release, Rainbow International of Lexington crew chief Chris Cossette was removing water from a physical therapy office due to a malfunctioning sump pump when a man ran in claiming that he was in danger. Cossette told him to hide in the women’s bathroom of the physical therapy office.

Shortly thereafter, it was discovered that the man was wanted by police for an attempted burglary at a nearby residence. Police were notified and, with about 15 in tow, rushed into the business to apprehend the suspect, who was believed to have been armed.

“They arrested the suspect and I just went back to work getting the water out of the office,” Cossette says. “The good thing is that the police got the suspect and nobody was hurt during the ordeal. It definitely made for an interesting day.”

 All in a day’s work, eh?