In the fast-paced and ever-evolving restoration industry, the importance of sales cannot be overstated. Sales play a vital role in driving business growth, building strong customer relationships, and ultimately ensuring the success and sustainability of restoration companies. From attracting new clients to delivering exceptional service, sales professionals are at the forefront of connecting with customers being the glue between them and the company.

In this episode of “Ask the Expert” we are joined by Gregg Taylor, chairman and managing partner of GTE Holdings, parent company for Xactly by GTE, specializing in restoration recruiting, and Restoration Sales Force specializing in restoration sales management.

 We discuss the management of Restoration Industry Sales Reps, and the challenges that surround the management of a restoration sales team and what he is doing to solve those challenges!

To learn more information about Xactly by GTE, and to connect with Gregg you can find him on Linkedin by searching “Gregg Taylor”, on the GTE Holdings website and last but not least here on!