In this episode of “Ask the Expert” we are joined by Jeff Milligan, VP of Sales and Strategy at Prism Specialties. We learn all about what Prism offers the restoration industry with its specialty restoration services, and, we learn a cool new way of document drying! Tune in to find out more!

The following is a high-level overview of what to expect in this interview:

  • A bit about Jeff’s professional background and role at Prism Specialties.
  • How Jeff started in the restoration industry, then later becoming a franchise owner.
  • An overview on exactly what specialty restoration is and how it is handled at Prism Specialties.
  • The difference between general contents and specialty contents.

On top of these few key points, we learn about some of the fun projects Jeff has been a part of, and some of the technology used in parts of specialty restoration jobs. To learn more information about Prism Specialties, and to connect with Jeff, you can find him on Linkedin by searching “Jeff Milligan”, on the Prism Specialties website and, last but not least, here on!

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