In this episode of “TradeTalks: Unlocking The Experience”, R&R Publisher Mike Balzano talks with his boss! BNP Media Co-CEO Tagg Henderson joins to describe the nearly 100-year history of BNP Media, how the company is built to provide service to multiple industries through excellent content, and the rationale behind acquiring The Experience Events to pair with R&R nearly two years ago. 

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  • Co-CEO of BNP Media since 2001
  • B2B Media Professional since 1995
  • Represents the 4th Generation of Henderson Leadership
  • Has completed five full Ironman Competitions! 

BNP has always been, and will always be, a privately held, family-run Media company. Tagg and his brothers Mitch and Harper are currently Co-CEO’s. And if you think the grind of running a major media company will wear him down, don’t be concerned; in his “spare time” Tagg has completed five Ironman Competitions!

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