The DYOJO and the Global Restoration Watchdog, Pete Consigli, are teaming up to provide a one-day workshop titled Lessons Learned from Storm Response and Hurricane Recovery. Professionals from property restoration, insurance claims, damage assessment, environmental services, and more will share their experiences in these unique work scenarios.

The event is scheduled for January 26 at the Hilton Naples in Florida. In addition, the sessions will be available via Zoom for those who cannot attend in person.

Speakers and presenters include: 

  • David Popper
  • Justin Petersen
  • Michael Symula, IEP
  • Josh Winton, CIE
  • Bob Blochinger
  • Casey Clark 
  • Kris Rzesnoski, CR
  • Shane Bailey 
  • Ed Cross
  • Ralph Moon, PhD
  • Jeremy Beagle, CIH
  • Peter Crosa, AIC, RPA
  • Pete Consigli, CR
  • Cliff Zlotnik, CR
  • Ashley Easterby
  • Joe Hughes
  • Jon Isaacson

In addition to the panel discussions, there will be several presentations, including Encircle’s breakdown of the data gathered on “Lessons Learned from Hurricane Ian.”

This one-day workshop is an add-on to the Andrew Ask Building Science Symposium. The Andrew Ask event runs Tuesday, January 24, 2023, through Wednesday, January 25th, and will include a once-in-a-lifetime Pioneers of Building Science four-person panel. This panel includes industry legends Joseph Lstiburek, Gary Nelson, Neil Moyer, and John Tooley.