On December 10 and 11, 2021, a cluster of storms, including tornadoes, struck five U.S. states across the South and Midwest. Kentucky was the worst hit state, and the town of Mayfield made headlines as among the hardest hit within Kentucky.

The severe thunderstorm complex produced the most reports of wind gusts greater than 75 miles per hour of any known event according to the National Weather Service. The twister that devastated Mayfield and other Kentucky communities was on the ground for 166 miles. 

Julie and Tony Roberts’ SERVPRO franchise in Henderson, Ky., is directly involved with CAT restoration work following the devastating tornadoes that touched down in December 2021, including one of the largest projects in the town of Mayfield, Ky. In this episode of Ask the expert, Julie and Tony discuss their involvement in the restoration efforts. 

This episode covers:

  • The immediate aftermath of the December 2021 tornadoes in Kentucky and what the devastation looked like
  • The kind of restoration work Julie and Tony’s team are involved in
  • The fleet, including equipment and personnel, required to provide water damage restoration and other services
  • Past CAT restoration involvement Julie and Tony’s franchise has had over the years, and how this particular event compares
  • The value of a dedicated storm response team for CAT projects to ensure enough capacity remains for local, non-CAT work
  • Challenges overcome and lessons learned from this and other CAT restoration jobs
  • Advice for serving residents of communities hit by such disasters
  • Predictions for the timeline of remaining restoration and wider recovery efforts 

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