Construction, facilities management and infection control professionals will be enthusiastic to see HEPA Clean Specialty Products has developed a cost effective solution to infection control issues encountered during medical related tenant improvements and maintenance.

The HEPA Clean Specialty Products diffuser takes sterile technology and brings redundancy to HEPA filtration in an economical and practical manner in a commercial setting.

Advantages: Ability to exhaust into occupied areas or where exterior exhaust is not an option. Reduction in labor costs establishing and maintaining negative air / infection control per CDC Guidelines.

This technology is not only for construction in the medical community but also highly secured areas such as airports, schools, daycares, prisons, long term residential projects, etc. where security is of the utmost importance.

HEPA Clean Specialty Products feels this product is newsworthy as it can bring cost savings of public dollars on state and federal projects, it potentially addresses security concerns in the public and private sector and it brings redundancy to projects where public health is compromised.

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