Most of us are familiar with the utility and function of the Swiss Army® Knife whose design satisfies multiple tasks in one clever tool. What if your winter workwear could tackle changing weather conditions and situations in multiple ways?

Radians®, a top-tier manufacturer of PPE to help reduce the risk of personal injury, recently launched several new winter products with multi-purpose designs.

The SJ610B is a feature-packed garment designed for functionality and convenience in multiple seasons!  Wind and water resistant, this jacket has an outer parka and a zip-out reversible bomber with removable sleeves. The clever design allows you to wear all the pieces together as a complete system in extreme conditions or wear separately as a parka, bomber jacket, or vest depending on the weather conditions or your activity level.

“This jacket is great for those who need to be ready for almost everything,” said Radians Hi-Vis Product Manager, Nicole Novick.

“The parka offers hi-vis rain protection and the bomber provides hi-vis protection from the cold. If the weather warms up, just remove the sleeves and the bomber is now a vest,” said Novick. “Have someplace to go after work? No problem because the bomber and vest reverse from a hi-vis side to a stylish Black Peached Polyester side, suitable for everyday use.”

Another new winter arrival is the Radians SJ320B 3-in-1 weatherproof bomber. It has a zip-out removable 100% soft fleece lining. “If it turns warmer outside or your activity level increases, don’t sweat it,” said Novick. “Just remove the fleece lining.”

The 3-in-1 design can be worn as a complete ensemble in extreme cold, or the bomber and the fleece jacket can be worn alone. The bomber has a concealed removable hood and elastic waistband and cuffs.  It has nine pockets, including a hidden center front pocket that can hold a tablet. Both the bomber and the fleece have a D-ring pass through slot so the apparel can be worn with a fall protection harness.

Radians also has two new Nordic Blaze® balaclavas in their winter lineup. Made from premium 100% soft polyester fleece, their new balaclavas provide superior warmth and versatility.  Both can be worn alone or under a hard hat or other head protection. They’re great for numerous industrial applications, including construction, delivery service, landscaping, refrigerated areas, and more.

The RWL25 features a functional hinge and a long-length design that lets you wear it as a full-face mask, neck gaiter, or face shield. The wind-resistant fabric over the nose, mouth, and neck provides extra protection in key areas vulnerable to wind and bitter cold. Mesh fabric over the mouth area facilitates breathing. Available in black or high-visibility green.

The RWL26 is a multi-functional two-piece balaclava, which can be worn three ways: as a full face mask, neck gaiter, or beanie. It features attachment straps that can be secured to hard hat suspensions for enhanced stability. Available in high-visibility green or gray.

“With the pandemic still lurking around, balaclavas will be a sought after item this winter on the jobsite,” said Novick. “Both balaclavas are so soft and comfortable you’ll want to wear them beyond work as they are universally sized and perfect for running, cycling, skiing, and other outdoor activities in cold temperatures,” said Novick.

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